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Vision Therapy


When a child can’t process visual information, learning will always be slower. The mental and physical effort used to see, reduces the thinking power available for taking in and understanding information.

Children who are having problems with visual processing may:

  • Be struggling with reading and writing.
  • Lack of spatial skills and ability to track text.
  • Have headaches, tired or red eyes.
  • Be squinting to focus.

Vision Therapy

Through exercises and activities children can develop their capability. The goal is that they can process visual information easily and accurately, helping them learn more capably.

When we do our assessment of your child we check for signs of difficulties with visual processing. If other physical issues exist, we work through them in the order that the senses develop in a child. We begin with reflex inhibition, then move on to auditory processes and finally visual processing.

We don’t carry out visual therapies ourselves but refer our parents to Orthovision.

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