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To learn, you need to be able to listen, see and acquire information. Problems can exist, not only with the apparatus – the eyes and ears – but with the processing that happens in the brain.

The therapies we offer help to change the way children process the audio, visual and physical information they receive in day-to-day life. The kids we work with become more focused, less frustrated and better able to complete tasks.

The therapies have been effective for children who struggle to learn, including those who have:

  • ADHA and ADD
  • Autism and Aspergers
  • Sensory processing disorders, including auditory processing disorders
  • Dyslexia
  • Dyspraxia
  • Specific learning difficulties (SLDs)

Discovering what’s needed

Our work with your child starts with a full functional assessment. At this stage we check their auditory and visual processing capabilities. We also assess their neuro-developmental stage to discover whether they have any retained primitive reflexes. (These are automatic responses that would normally be overridden as a child develops and can cause problems with learning if they are retained).

The therapies

Reflex Inhibition Programme – As children develop they should replace primitive reflexes with the ability to differentiate between different situations and control the action that is needed. When this development does not happen, the primitive reflexes remain active. The results are that the child is exhausted and may be finding it hard to focus. Therapy can help complete the developmental stages.

Audio Integration Training (AIT) – Learning relies on our ability to listen well. Although the ear may be working, some adults and children cannot process some sounds. Certain sounds may cause stress and distinguishing words in a busy classroom or office may be difficult. AIT improves the brain’s ability to process the sounds.

Vision Therapy – Our eyes need to work effectively as a team in order for the brain to process images easily. If this doesn’t happen, children will have difficulty focusing, tracking, recognising symbols and they may have problems with perceiving depth. The therapy helps them retrain the muscles around their eyes.

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