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Focus on Individual learning

What we offer


We provide educational support to children, aged 6 to 16, who struggle with learning. Some children come to us because teachers or parents are concerned. Others have been diagnosed with sensory integration disorders, ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, CAPD or Asperger Syndrome.

Children come to us after school or as an alternative to school, in the short to mid term. Many of the children we support are in mainstream schools or go on to integrate.


We assess function, looking at the skills your child has and the areas they struggle with. We will suggest therapies such as AIT (Auditory Integration Training) and Vision Therapy if these are needed.

Each child’s programme is then built on the needs that we discover at this stage. As they progress and develop we are able to review how things are changing. Assessment reports also help us share information with other professionals.

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Individual Education Programme

For all children the ability to focus is key to them being able to do their work. In our Individual Programme we teach each child the strategies to help them stay focused, stay on task, sit still and do their schooling.

We teach different ways to process information, moving the emphasis away from auditory processing and promoting visualisation skills. We also introduce kinaesthetic aids to learning. This approach is different to that used in most schools. We use it because it suits the children we work with, especially those with dyslexia, who think more visually.

Children learn how to get focused, set their energy levels at the right level for the task and how to be relaxed as they work. Using the new strategies and skills we return to the school work. We go back over what is not yet understood and show the child that she can learn, when she has the tools she needs.

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What we offer

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Common Behaviours
We have created a list of behaviours we see in children who have physical issue affecting their learning. Read more here.