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Focus on Individual learning

How we work


Assess, repair, re-teach
Many children who struggle to learn get stuck being taught the same things over and over. With experts and teachers full of sometimes conflicting advice it can be very hard for parents to feel that they are doing the best thing.

June began working with special needs children because of her own child’s experience. Her approach is simple:

Assess - understand what’s getting in the way of a child’s capacity to learn.

Repair – focus attention on developing the skills this particular child needs in ways that suit their abilities.

Re-teach – go back to the lessons, built this time with the skills and capabilities the child needs to progress through their work.

The end goal is that children to learn tools that let them function in the system they operate in. They can feel less stressed and frustrated and can make progress.


The children we work with often experience an emotional struggle as well as difficulties learning. Behaviour issues get caught up with learning issues, it can be hard to see what causes what. We provide a consistent environment. Boundaries are set, explained and maintained.

For any child to get on in the world they need to know how to behave appropriately and how to express their feelings in ways that let people help them. Along with learning, children develop these life skills when they are with us.

Involving you and your family

We spend time talking with parents. As much as your child struggles, we know that being the parent also brings with it plenty of challenges. We’re here to remind you that it is not your fault, to answer technical questions and let you know how you can support the changes you see in your child as they spend time with us.

The work we do developing your child processing capabilities can be particularly successful when time is spend at home repeating exercises and taking a consistent approach to activities like reading.

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What we offer

How we work



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We’re always happy to spend some time talking with parents. Email or call us on 9835 4030 to arrange a time.

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Common Behaviours
We have created a list of behaviours we see in children who have physical issue affecting their learning. Read more here.