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We carry out assessments on the children that come to us. We base each child’s programme of support and work on their own needs as revealed by the assessment. The assessment helps us measure progress as we work with each child. It also enables us to spot any difficulties that could be helped through therapies.

Who has access to the assessment?

We encourage parents to be present so that they can see what we see and so that you can have an explanation of what’s happening. With your permission, we also share assessments with other professionals.

General function assessment ($450)

We assess the child across the following areas.

  • Neuro-developmental stage
  • Auditory processing, using a paired word test.
  • Visual processing, using tools such as the Brock String test.
  • Linear sequential organisation
  • Symbol mastery

Primitive Reflexes Assessment ($750)

Based on standard medical tests this assessment checks whether the primitive reflexes are still active. You can read more about what reflexes are and how they affect children when still active here.

If you’d like to find out more about our assessments email us or call 9835 4030.

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We’re always happy to spend some time talking with parents. Email or call us on 9835 4030 to arrange a time.

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June Webb is a trained educator and the parent of a child who has a learning difficulty. Read more about June here.